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Adjust A Wall Modular Curtain Partitions

Adjust A Wall Modular Curtain Partitions

  • Increase useable workspace.
  • Combine the modular Adjust-A-Wall sections to form straight curtain dividers or incorporate the curved sections and make multi-sided enclosures. Each section includes 16 ga. galvanized steel track, nylon rollers, connectors, mounting hardware and the 14 oz. vinyl blue/clear/blue curtain. Each curtain, regardless of height has a 52" clear center section that starts 30" up from the bottom. The clear center section creates a feeling of openness on the inside and permits easy monitoring form the outside. Systems are normally suspended from overhead by chain or threaded rod -- not included. Note: curved sections have a 2" radius on each side that needs to be taken into account in figuring the overall length of the partition
  • Separate warehouse storage areas and production lines.
  • Control dust and drafts.

Adjust-A-Wall Modular Curtain Partitions

Product No. WidthHeightSection
HAWC09 10'9'Straight25 $344.56
HAWC89 8'9'Straight20 $297.36
HAWCC8 4'8'Curved9 $226.56
HAWC88 8'8'Straight18 $273.76
HAWC60 6'10'Straight18 $247.80
HAWC00 10'10'Straight30 $371.70
HAWCC9 4'9'Curved12 $236.00
HAWC69 6'9'Straight15 $236.00
HAWC08 10'8'Straight22.5 $330.40
HAWC68 6'8'Straight13.5 $219.48
HAWC80 8'10'Straight24 $310.34
HAWCC0 4'10'Curved12 $247.80

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