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Rubbermaid Trash Cans

Rubbermaid trash cans are the industry standard in waste handling and we stock high quality Rubbermaid trash cans nationwide. Why are Rubbermaid commercial trash cans the first choice for companies, government entities and households? The answer is simple. Rubbermaid roughneck trashcans and other styles are the strongest commercial name in the country. Their products are trusted by consumers nationwide!

A Plus Warehouse has been selling quality Rubbermaid outdoor trash cans for many years to great customer appreciation. We have warehouses that can speedily deliver Rubbermaid trash cans anywhere in the lower 48 states. There are many reasons to come to A Plus Warehouse for Rubbermaid trash cans.

We are a one stop shopping source for industrial equipment such as dock equipment, shelving, racks, conveyors and work benches. Rubbermaid trash cans are a part of an integrated equipment suite. Why order from 5 suppliers when you can order from one? When you need to outfit a receiving department, you will need several items - all of which A Plus Warehouse provide. You will need a work bench, a dock plate, platform trucks, some plastic bins, perhaps a loading and in-loading conveyor, some steel shelving, and of course Rubbermaid trash cans. We are here to provide you all these!

There is also the issue of total price. By consolidating your purchases to one supplier, you get economy of scale and save on shipping costs! Shipping rates are an interesting concept. You pay for distance travelled, weight, size, and fixed rate pick up and drop off. When you have 5 shipments, there are 10 fixed charges! (5 pick ups and 5 drop offs) You can see that consolidation saves a lot of money not only in reduced pick ups and drop offs, but also in weight. Cost per pound decreases with the weight of any given shipment. Consolidate your orders at A Plus Warehouse and save your money!

Another reason to come to A Plus Warehouse is our qualified sales force. Our people know the ins and outs of Rubbermaid commercial trash cans and industrial equipment in general. We sell this equipment all day long, every working day. We know industrial and handling equipment! Our typical customer orders our products a few times in a full career. Why should we insist a customer be an expert to order from us? We make it simple. We do not fill you up with superfluous data. We provide just as much information you need to make an informed choice. If a bit of hand holding is required, our 800 number is staffed by qualified, intelligent people - who all work in USA - that are ready to give assistance immediately.

A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now!

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