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ESD Matting

ESD mats and ESD matting are used to protect workers from potentially deadly electric shock, and sensitive electric components from static discharge. We provide esd floor mats from Crown Mat, Wearwell and Superior Notrax. Ordering the correct anti-static matting is very important, so some definition of terms is required.


A Safety Neccesity

Non Conductive esd mats are more commonly called switchboard matting. These mats insulate workers, protecting them from potentially deadly shocks that can be generated from high voltage equipment. Wearwell Non Conductive esd mats offer ASTM D178-01 compliant mats (for 701 diamond plate switchboard mats and 702 corrugated switchboard mat). We offer mil spec as well. Military 15562F , Amendment 3 Type III for 711 and 712 switchboard mats. Here are some specifications for the Wearwell 701. These ½ in thick anti static mats can insulate against 30,000 volts. The new 3/8 in version insulates up to 40,000 volts. Working near high voltage is a life and death issue , every work area that includes high voltage equipment requires non conductive mats, if not by law, then certainly by protecting your life and the lives of people in your facility.

ESD Matting

Conductive ESD mats have the exact opposite purpose of Non Conductive ESD matting. In the case of switchboard matting, you are preventing voltage to ground from a piece of equipment through a worker. To accomplish this, the mats offer giant resistance. In a conductive ESD anti static matting application, you want to prevent built up voltage on a person from grounding through sensitive electronics. This is done by grounding the person through the esd floor mats used. In using conductive esd matting, there are additional steps to take to make them work correctly. First of all, the ESD mats must be grounded. Also, if the worker is not wearing conductive shoes the worker will need to have his heels constantly grounded by use of heel straps. Heel straps will drain static electricity from the person through esd mats. We provide these options for your convenience. ESD mats are also used in conjunction with our ever popular Electronics Work Benches

Wearwell also provides anti static mats that work as anti fatigue mats as well. The 786 is a black diamond deck mat that dissipates static electricity that could otherwise be discharged to high tech electronics (dead micro processor) or flammable liquids (sparks don't mix well with flammables). While this esd matting is busy saving products and lives, it also reduces worker fatigue at the same time. The mat is on a nitrocell sponge base. This provides long term resilience in both diamond plate vinyl and smooth rubber surfaces. It is very important that employees use conductive shoes or grounded heel straps when using this antistatic matting. A grounded snap is included to one corner of each mat. Wearwell 786 electrically conductive esd matting is available in 4 stock sized and 2 full roll sizes.

So, from stat guard work surfaces to static dissipative anti fatigue mats, conductive runners, switchboard mats, and all varieties of ESD mats, remember A Plus Warehouse is available at 800-209-8798, and ships nationwide from stock.

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