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Indoor Mat

Indoor mats are used by most every company to protect expensive flooring from dirt and water from outdoors. A Plus Warehouse sells  indoor entry mats mats by Wearwell, Crown Mat, Waterhog by Anderson, 3M, Teknor Apex, Notrax by Superior and others. A Plus Warehouse is proud to represent such fine manufacturers of carpet floor matting.

A Plus Warehouse has a well deserved reputation as a conveyor , shelving, and dock equipment dealer. You way well wonder how we are involved in distribution of quality carpet mats as well. Quite simply , carpet mats are an extension of our traditional material handling lines.

Every customer using our work benches and other storage equipment such as cabinets has an entrance and normally carpeting leading into the office area. It is important to keep dirt, grime and water out of office, production , and distribution locations. Not only is debris from outdoors unsightly , but wet floors are very dangerous, increasing the chance of slip and fall injuries. So we can better accommodate the needs of our customers , providing carpet matting seemed like an obvious move , and it has worked well for our customers for over 10 years.


Waterhog is always working on improvements in their already great line of carpet floor matting. The Waterhog premier has a 36 ounce heavy duty multi denier face yarn that is 50 percent heavier than the well admired and appreciated Waterhog Classic. These diamond pattern carpet mats offer thick fibers for scraping and fine fibers for wiping. It is true that Waterhog mats may be more expensive than traditional olefin or super olefin carpet matting, but one should always be careful about value. You need carpet mats that are effective in reduction of dirt , debris and water, and that have a long life. What sense is it to order inferior carpet floor mats, save some money , then use much more money in maintenance and cleaning of dirty floors ?

This isn't to say super olefin carpet floor matting shouldn't be used in some applications. If you have a low traffic entrance in a relatively dry environment , super olefin carpet mats just may work out. However , if you have continuous or frequent traffic , We'd suggest something of Waterhog quality, or even logo mats to make that lasting impression.

Carpet Floor Mats

There are three basic categories of carpet floor mats. Carpet mats are for exterior , vestibule and interior. Basically , the fibers go from course outdoors to fine indoors. Course fibered exterior carpet matting is mostly for removal of debris, vestibule carpet mats are slightly less course , and start the drying process. Indoor carpet matting finishes the drying process. Well design carpet mats  as the ones we provide hold dirt and water below the surface , so the carpet mats themselves do not add dirt back to clean shoes.

A Plus Warehouse is your source for carpet mats , please use the website , or call us at 800-209-8798 for additional help.

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