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Interlocking Rubber Mat

Interlocking rubber mats are used in many industrial applications when stock sizes do not fit the bill. A Plus Warehouse sells Interlocking rubber mats nationwide by manufactures such as Wearwell , and Notrax. One example of interlocking floor mats is the Wearwell modular worksafe light . This 3 x 3 modular drainage mat has a hidden unique interlocking mat mechanism. Connectors are not required for modular worksafe light. Stock versions are grease resistant or grease proof. Custom types have colored borders. These interlocking floor mats are made from 100 percent natural rubber.

A Plus Warehouse also sells interlocking anti-fatigue mats. Modular diamond plate interlocking mats measure 3x3 and are great for reliable comfort. Traction is provided to high traffic areas without unseemly connectors or beveled edges. Of course the ultimate in interlocking anti-fatigue mats comes from Barefoot mat.

Barefoot mats

Barefoot mats are available in Rubber  for no access to petroleum products , Nitrile  for machine shops , and where there is petrochemicals, and finally Conductive ESD  each module certified to 10,000 to 1,000,000 Ohms surface to ground resistant. Barefoot mats are modular, measuring 2x3 and 3x4 . Larger sizes are made by connecting individual mats, or ordering bulk rolls. Edges can be cut off of these interlocking floor mats for a finished look. Barefoot interlocking mats have a great warrantee. The barefoot interlocking anti-fatigue mat will retain its exceptional ergonomic performance for 5 years. Nitrile warrantee is for 3 years. Acrinotrile butadiene rubber (what these rubber interlocking mats are made of) has resistance to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, acid and alkali. Examples include motor oil, hydraulic oil, petroleum greases and paint thinner. Nitrile performs badly when exposed to oxygenated solvents and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Mats must be maintained , and damage by forklift , spiked shoes , and general abuse are clearly not covered by the warrantee.

We are a great source of interlocking rubber mats, and look forward to helping with your interlocking floor mats application. We provide various industrial equipment nationwide as well , and would like to show you how great we really are. Interlocking rubber mats are often used in conjunction with work benches and don't forget that interlocking anti-fatigue mats are also used along side production tables. You may be the shipping room foreman figuring that dock boards or dock plates may be in your realm, but interlocking mats have nothing to do with the shipping room. The answer is clear. Workers spend long days standing up picking and packing products for your customers perhaps using our platform trucks for that purpose. A Barefoot interlocking anti-fatigue mat could certainly take pain away from some workers, and enable them to work faster, and with fewer errors.

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