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one inch thick anti fatigue matting

One Inch Thick Anti Fatigue Matting

  • For ultimate comfort and durability
  • Nitrile rubber top surface provides a noticeably softer and more comfortable work suface
  • Greater slip-resistance with diamond-plate design
  • Will not de-laminate!
  • Features beveled edges on all 4 sides
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Product No. Size Price Ea 1-3Price 3+ Color Qty
990S0023 2' X 3' $91.88 $90.04
990S0035 3' X 5' $208.86 $204.68
990S0312 3' X 12' $501.23 $491.21
990R2475 2' X 75' $2,089.80 $2,048.00
990R3675 3' X 75' $3,134.70 $3,072.01
990R4875 4' X 75' $4,179.60 $4,096.01

This 1 inch thick anti-fatigue matting is made with  nitrile rubber diamond plat top surface combined with a dense closed cell PVC foam base. Diamond-plate surface texture provides added traction.Materials are 100 % recyclable. Mat also withstands exposure to sparks and features non-slip  backing to reduce mat slippage. Product combines heavy-duty nitrile rubber top surface with a dense sponge back which eliminates de-lamination. Mat is recommended for use where worker is standing for prolonged periods of time such as welding applications and assembly lines.

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