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Safety Mats

Safety mats and Safety matting should be used in any facility that employs machinery of any type. Safety floor mats should even be used around light office machinery such as mailing machines. Safety mats help keep workers safe in a number of ways.

Less Accidents with Safety Matting

First of all , it is important for workers to have a warning demarking the end of a work area and the start of industrial equipment. Consider the added value of a yellow strip on the side of a worker's mat. This clearly reminds the worker where the mat ends. Of course, safety mats are not a complete safety solution when operating machinery.

Many of our customers that employ industrial robots prefer to have the robots encapsulated by one of our Wire Security Cages. Additionally, safety matting adds traction to work areas. Slip and fall accidents are very unfortunate and altogether a terrible occurrence. Anything that can be done to minimize the misery and financial fallout of slip and fall accidents should be acted upon. Many of our safety floor mats have gritty surfaces that add traction, making slipping less likely such as our safety mat with colored borders.

Wet Application

Not only do we offer safety matting such as the diamond coat with gritty surface, but we also offer wet application safety floor mats. Wearwell has recently introduced the new Industrial WorkSafe line of safety matting. The 479 WorkSafe has been changes to having a CFR rubber surface - providing a slip resistant texture. Also this fine safety matting includes molded in safety borders , and is perforated for wet areas. Workers should never stand in fluids , drainage safety mats are a necessity . You may want to consider the gritworks 487 which offers even more traction with gritty particles molded into the safety matting.

Traditional Matting

For traditional all black safety floor mats, you may want to consider the worksafe 477 by Wearwell. These safety mats are used in conjunction with our work benches on a regular basis. The premium quality rubber compound is great around water, mild chemicals and detergent solutions. Slightly angled drainage holes and underside knobs allow water and debris to flow through and under the mat. Not only are these available in 6 sizes standard , but they are also available as end and center pieces. In other words , these safety mats can run on endlessly.

Comfort deck safety mats are heavy duty safety floor mats normally used at the end of conveyor runs. These substantial heavy duty anti fatigue mats provide outstanding comfort and drainage for safe, firm footing in heavy traffic areas. There is a yellow warning stripe on 3 of the four sides . Molded in high quality PVC compound, these safety mats resist the effects of many industrial fluids and solvents. Multiple shift use would certainly be applicable for the comfort deck.

Consider emergency showers for a moment. ANSI Z535.1-1998 states that green should designate eyewash stations with red designating emergency showers. A Plus Warehouse stocks both mats in the 30x36 and 30 x 48 size. Consider also that the use of these emergency showers and eye washes , by their very use produce a potential slip and fall hazard. These safety mats are 7/8 in thick with a high traction design and drainage ports. Employees are kept off the overflow , and the chemicals that are being rinsed off. The highly visibly yellow borders slope gently over 6 inches of width.

We are your source for all matting , and look forward to being of assistance.

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