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Wearwell Mats

Wearwell mats are so popular nationwide for many reasons. Wearwell matting is well respected as a premier brand of anti fatigue and industrial matting. Wearwell anti fatigue mats have been produced for close to 60 years in Tennessee by a highly skilled American workforce. In dealing with Wearwell safety mats and other industrial mats, we find that the factory is obsessed with quality and customer satisfaction.

This is a great fit with A Plus Warehouse – as we never rest in providing the best products and service to our valued customers. We have been selling Wearwell mats for our entire history, and get only customer praise. In fact, vendors need to perform at a high level to remain in the A Plus Warehouse website. Wearwell mats, used intelligently, can increase worker productivity, reduce fatigue and decrease absenteeism.

In fact an investment in Wearwell anti fatigue mats is one of the best investments you can make. Our marketing director used to work in a distributorship assembling industrial casters with an air powered pneumatic hammer drill. After an 8 hour day his feet hurt so badly that it was a sign of inner strength and determination to show up and do it all over the next day. When the company added Wearwell anti fatigue mats to his work area, standing for hours became tolerable. Of course he never missed work due to the pain and fatigue of working without Wearwell mats. However if a hyper successful alpha type like our A Plus Warehouse employee has absenteeism thoughts, what of a less motivated employee?

For less than one day's pay per work area, you will be vastly increasing the comfort, and therefore work level of each employee using Wearwell mats. There are reasons beyond simple comfort to order Wearwell matting. Consider an employee working near a high voltage source – let's say 15,000 volts.

If a worker near that station is using Wearwell safety mats like the switchboard mat, he will be insulated from accidental grounding of the machine. Simply put, by using a simple Wearwell mat, a worker can be saved from a potentially life altering or ending industrial electrocution. A 3 x 5 switchboard mat is less than $100 – hardly a cost relative to the risk of not using Wearwell safety mats. There are many other cases as well. Wearwell anti fatigue mats are available with grit top surfaces for more traction – minimizing slip and fall accident possibility. Wearwell matting is also available to keep food prep areas sanitary, and slip resistant.

It is clear that Wearwell mats are a fine choice for virtually any industry or activity. It is equally clear that A Plus Warehouse is able to handle your valued business, and deliver your Wearwell anti fatigue mats promptly.

We value your business and look forward to helping you for your warehouse equipment needs. Please use us for cabinets, lockers, platform trucks, hoists, gantries, conveyors, pallet racks, and of course high quality Wearwell mats.

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