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Medical Equipment

Hospitals , Clinics, Doctors' offices and Bio Labs all have something in common.  All these customers need quality hospital equipment.  A Plus Warehouse has a decades long history of providing high quality products to hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide and international as well.  Lakeside makes the finest stainless steel carts and wire carts on the market.  Lead times from Lakeside Mfg are simply amazing! Our Medical Carts are produced by MPD.  From crash carts to isolation and anesthesia carts , MPD has you convered.

For ergonomics in surgery , OmniMed produces power lifters - that raise fluids and collection bags efficiently so the surgeons and nurses can do the important work of saving lives and not holding bags of fluid! OmniMed also Narcotics Cabinets.

Count on A Plus Warehouse for your hospital equipment needs

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