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Crash Carts

A crash cart is used in hospitals when patients have “crashed” readings. Also known as a crash trolley in the UK, a crash cart helps doctors treat cardiac arrest patients. In critical situations like these, having the right tools and medication close at hand can save a patient’s life. A crash cart features pull-out drawers and trays to hold defibrillators, life support medication, and other essential tools.

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Crash Carts: Built to Save Lives

In the hospital, every second counts. Crash carts can be wheeled with ease into the emergency room to help doctors treat their patients. They store tools in a convenient location while keeping them sanitary. Crash carts feature four easy-wheeling casters that enable them to get quickly to the doctor to administer treatment. Two casters are braked, which makes the crash carts safe and incapable of rolling away.

Crash carts are made from sturdy, all-steel or aluminum construction. This ensures they remain in top working condition. Crash carts typically come in emergency red, but you have your choice of over 17 colors for several of our crash carts. Other colors include Autumn Red, White, Blue Grey, and more. Customize your carts to be either a solid color or two tone with beige sides and top and solid colored drawers.

These are the emergency crash cart products available from A Plus Warehouse:

Five Drawer Steel Crash Carts – Five drawer crash cart model with 3”, 6”, and 9” drawers. This model is available in two-tone or solid color. Made with all-steel construction.

Six Drawer Crash Cart – Six drawer crash cart has 3”, 6”, and 12” drawers.

Standard Four Drawer Crash Cart – This standard version has 3”, 6”, and 12” drawers. Available in red or blue.

Deluxe Four Drawer Crash Cart – This deluxe cart has the same drawer dimensions as our standard crash cart with 3”, 6”, and 12”drawers. This version also has a slide-out shelf for added convenience.

Buy Your Crash Cart from A Plus Warehouse

The first crash cart in the United States was developed in 1962 at Bethany Medical Center in Kansas City, KS. Crash carts have come a long way since then with the convenience of extra shelves, trays, and braking casters. However, the basic design is the same. Whichever crash cart you choose, you will get an important addition to your emergency room to help save lives.


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