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Welcome to the A Plus Warehouse landing page for Akro-Mils. Akro is a leader in the industry for storage, organization, and transportation solutions. Products include bins, cabinets, carts, platform trucks, and so much more! Consider your materials handled!

                Why order an Akro-Mils product? They supply a large range of products which optimized your storage space. They have products which solve all your storage needs.! Most of their products are made in the U.S.A, a vast majority of those products being made in Ohio. Akro-Mils is names for the Akron brothers, Myer, Isidore, and Louis in 1946. In 1972 they invented now famous AkroBin. This is the industry leading hanging and stacking bin. The company celebrated it’s 70th anniversary in 2016.

When ordering from A Plus Warehouse, customers know to expect high quality. Our Akro-Mils products are not an exception to this rule! The company is always improving its designs, and processes to meet and exceed customer expectation.

                Try out our Akro System Bins! The bins are uniquely wide with integral dividers. They are great for use ins shelving or pick racks and available in three attractive colors including red, yellow, and blue. The six compartments are ready to use! Many customers interested in this product may also be interested in our Akro System Bins with shelving.

                A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now for Akro-Mils products. We have been selling AkroBins for years, you know you can rely on us. A Plus Warehouse has been in business for over two decades. Our sales staff helps you to find the perfect product to fit your needs.


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