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Here to help your chemical storage needs, doing the job for over 50 years, and yet to disappoint is Chemtainer. When working with chemicals is in important to have proper storage and organization because chemicals are not any ordinary substance, they can be dangerous if used and stored irresponsibly. This company has been providing customers with responsible solution for chemical storage demands for years now and they are yet to have a problem. Our vendor will handle your chemical handling and chemical processing problems with ease.

A Plus Warehouse trusts Chemtainer to provide our customers with top tier chemical storage solutions. We know that their systems are safe, efficient, and have great value. This is the sort of details we look for when choosing our vendors. When we choose to work with this vendor we were choosing for the benefit and well being of our own customers because we care, and we want what is best for them. Chemtainer gives us variety with their products. With a wide range of capacities, volumes, styles, and types, you are sure to find the chemical storage system you need here from our reliable vendor. Anything ranging from cylinder tanks, tilt trucks, cube trucks, containers, we have it all on our website.

A favorite chemical storage product is the cylindrical tank. Rather than being boxed shaped, this has a cylinder shape which is great for transportation on hand trucks. This sort of product can handle acids and caustics in large quantity: 5 gallons to a massive 500. This product is long lasting because of the linear polyethylene construction. It has excellent chemical and impact resistance. This is one of the safest ways to store your chemicals. At our company safety is a top priority, and when we work with Chemtainer we are certain that we are also working to create safety.

Chemtainer is a nationwide network of 10 factories, with over 500,000 square feet dedicating to manufacturing. With 25 national shipping locations and 9 factories across the continental US and Hawaii this company provides fast economical shipping. This is a great quality for our vendors to have, because if we know they can ship fast, then we know we can provide our own customers with the products they need in a timely manner.


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