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FMH Conveyors

For almost 90 years FMH conveyors have been delivering solutions for truck loading and unloading applications. The team at this company is customer focused and aims to help with all material handling needs, whether big or small. Products are designed to maximize productivity, increase efficiency, and of course ensure operator safety. With standard likes these for production, you are sure to receive conveyors. It isn’t everyday that you see a company that is as customer focused as this one.

FMH Conveyors is globally used and favored. With two manufacturing locations in Jonesboro, AR and Hampton, VA, this company designs, sells, and services products throughout the United States and Canada. Being a widespread business, this does not stop FMH from building relations and making each transaction personal. This company works to build strong, long term relations with their customers. Because they want to cater to what the customers want, FMH is always listening and figuring out new ways and products to fit customers' needs. This shows the strong dedication and passion a company has, and this is the sort of trait we look for when choosing the right vendors for our own customers at A Plus Warehouse.

Conveyors are not just a simple material handling item. Much goes into thought when choosing the right conveyor. It is important for your conveyors to be heavy duty, and our FMH Conveyors are all heavy duty. These conveyors are also expandable which is a must have in any warehouse. You can choose from the standard conveyor, or even powered for those larger tasks. The Heavy Duty Power Expandable Roller Conveyor is available as a quick ship. The speed can be adjusted anywhere from 0 to 120 fpm. With a conveyor capacity of 100 pounds per foot, this item is sure to hold those heavier items. Order your conveyor in the 18, 24, or 30 inch wide version. A very similar product that doesn’t have the power aspect to it is the Heavy Duty Roller Expandable Conveyor. This is a standard one that many of our customers love.

With over 90 years in the material handling business we know that this company is sure to continue selling equipment through more generations. We will continue working with them as they supply us with high quality material. You cannot reliably get high quality material with all vendors. Just like the A Plus Warehouse vendors this one constantly provides high quality material. When we work with FMH Conveyors we know we are working in favor of our own customer. Order FMH conveyors from A Plus Warehouse today, and you are sure to be satisfied with your results.



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