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Hallowell Lockers

Hallowell provides our customers with shelving, workbenches, and safety equipment but their most popular line of products is there lockers. They have lockers of all different dimensions, materials, and looks to choose from. Hallowell provides the variety for you to be picky with locker selection. Not all vendors have the ability for customers to be picky with items, when they can that’s when you know the vendor is worth the partnership. At A Plus Warehouse we want to have the ability to choose from a wide range of products and in this case lockers.

About Hallowell

Starting in 1903, through name and company changes, Hallowell has been designing and engineering products that are high quality and made to last a while. Everything they do is thought out beforehand, so they do not run into any mistakes or inadequate products. Hallowell has been creating products that ultimately satisfy their customers and they continue to do so each day. Uniquely, Hallowell products are all made in America; lockers, shelving, workbenches, and more.


With these lockers we ensure that your stored items can be safe and secure. The Hallowell Digitech locking mechanism is easy to use, reliable, and a unique locking system. These locks are programmed by the user so there is no need to have a key, nor would you have to memorize a preset locker combination. With these you can make your own trusted combination. The lock is powered by 3 triple A batteries; lock over 1,000 times. Some may worry what happens if the batteries are dead, but you need to open the lock, a standard 9 volt battery will easily fix the problem. To tell if a locker is in use an indicator will show up on the Digitech lock. Hallowell manufactures high tech locks that are unique and provide practical applications.

At A Plus Warehouse we are careful with vendors we choose to work with. We want vendors with great customer service, trusted products, and high quality material. When we work with Hallowell, we know we are choosing the vendor that will be best for our own customers. If you need lockers, Hallowell is always a vendor you can trust to supply you.

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