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A Plus Warehouse is proud to sell a large selection of Justrite cabinets and other products. Safety is a priority  at A Plus Warehouse.  Safety is critical for any industry and any operation. Let us help you ensure your work space is a safe one! Justrite manufactures safety and storage cabinets, gas cylinder storage, safety cans, berms, safety showers, and many other types of safety equipment. Learn more!

Everything starts with safety at Justrite. They partner with customers in order to better understand and anticipate safety challenges people face daily. Cable management, emergency showers, hazardous storage, industrial matting, and motion safety combined make for  a safe workspace. Protection of people is not the only consideration. Justrite also thinks about environmental protection. Aerosol recycling, ground protection, material handling, secondary containment, and spill containment all help with protecting our environment.

                Customers may be interested in our safety showers.  Safety showers are typically used in labs. If scientists get unwanted chemicals on their skin, they will be happy to have a safety showers. These showers save lives. Our safety showers come in all different shapes and sizes. Our portable safety shower is convenient as it is easy to transport and can be used in areas with no water supply. It also includes an eye wash. Product is available with our without 120V heater. This safety shower holds 30 gallons of water and delivers a constant flow of water for 1 ½ minutes at 20 gallons per minute. They eye wash flows at 3 gallons per minute. Product is made with 316 L stainless steel. Cylinder cabinets are another line of safety products commonly sold by Justrite. It is very important to have a place to store potentially hazardous gas cylinders. Our Horizontal Storage Cylinder Cabinet is a safe place to hold your LPG Cylinders. It is easy to use and holds between 4 and 16 cylinders. Product is made with aluminum that will not rust!

A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now for safety equipment.  Safety is essential for any operation! At A Plus Warehouse, we are a big enough to fill your order, but small enough to know that every order matters! With our easy to navigate website, customers will finding placing an order is easy. Our sales staff is also always here and ready to take your call. Order a Justrite cabinet through A Plus Warehouse today!


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