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NoTrax is one of our main vendors for matting. Joined with Justrite Safety Group, Notrax is their matting section. With endless styles, sizes, looks, and appliances, you can get variety here. We have been working with Justrite for years, so we know that their NoTrax line is sure to be a winner.

The NoTrax name is a way for the Justrite Safety Group to re brand all their matting and focusing it into one powerful brand. With this they plan to expand on their products as well as improve their skills with creating and distributing matting. They are one of the largest integrated manufactures for matting in the whole world.

Importance of Matting

Matting is one of the most important products in the material handling industry. Whether it is an anti fatigue mat, freezer mat, or sanitary mat for food service, it must be top quality. In the way that the feet are one of the most important parts of the body for movement, mats are important for comfort. If one’s feet hurt, there is a high chance there will be other body aches. And if a mat cannot provide comfort to an employee then that is sure to affect their working and wear them down more. It is important to equip your workers and customers with the comfort they need to have efficiency. Comfort can only provide good to any workspace, which is why it is important to buy the proper mating.

The History

Starting in 1948 this Company in Chicago, Illinois Superior Manufacturing Group, now know as NoTrax was a small manufacturing and repair shop for rubber entrance mats. This company expanded and worked with many other companies ultimately becoming one large company under the name of NoTrax with Justrite. They have been a leading mat industry for over 65 years and in order to maintain that they work to achieve the highest quality in their products.  NoTrax places extra care in product engineering, research, development, and customer service. With all these factors in play this company continues to be the leading line they are.

A Plus Warehouse is here to provide you with the service and care you need. When we work with NoTrax to serve our own customers we know we are doing right. Your right source - right now!


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