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Lyon Lockers

Lyon lockers are now available with anti-microbial surface. Lyon lockers offer these lockers with an advanced powder technology in partnership with Dupont and Agion Antimicrobal. The science is very interesting. The antimicrobial finish on your Lyon metal locker will provide continuous, residual protection against touch and transfer of bacteria on the locker doors and handles , as well as colonization of mold and bacteria in hard to reach areas of the locker. Bacteria build up can lead to odors within your Lyon lockers as well as contamination of the locker contents. This can also lead to mold growth as well.

Independent study shows that bacterial have a 40% reduction 30 minutes from contact and over 95% reduction 1.5 hours from contact. Consider now that unmolested bacteria does not decrease in population - they multiply! You don't need to be an infectious disease expert to see that a Lyon locker with anti-microbial surface will kill almost all bacteria on the locker surface overnight - having close to sterile lockers every morning. All this for so little extra money!

Lyon lockers are also known for their diverse line. Product offering includes turn out lockers, and ADA lockers. The Americans with Disability act requires that a percentage of all lockers employed need to be wheelchair accessible. It makes sense to order Lyons lockers so that the ADA locker you order matches the look and fell of the standard lockers employed. Not all brands produce ADA lockers. In respect to Americans in wheelchairs, Lyons decided to make the investment to produce these lockers. A Plus Warehouse is pleased to make the line available nationwide.

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