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stair climber
stair climber magliner stair climb

Stair Climbing Hand Truck

  • Move up to 350 Pounds up and Down the Stairs
  • Puts very little Strain on Body due to built-in braking system
  • Usable on both Stairs and Level Surfaces
  • Goes Smoothly through stairs with minimal jolts
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Product No. Overall HeightNose WidthCaster Price Ea 1-3Price Ea 4+ Qty
STAIR-CLIMB-SHORT 99"14"Microcellular $1,775.42 $1,739.91
STAIR-CLIMB-TALL 112"14"Microcellular $1,775.42 $1,739.91

Choose a stair climbing truck that is either 99" tall or a 112" tall. The nose width is the same 14" for both heights and the casters are microcellular. The preset braking mechanism gives you greater load control. It only takes one hand to release the latch to lower and raise the crawlers. Make sure to retract the gliding unit when equipment is not in use to keep the hand truck from tipping.

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