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Safco Furniture

Safco Furniture is very high quality and extensive. Furniture is around everywhere you look. It is an essential part of our modern life. Office furniture is more than a convenience; it is a necessity. Our Safco furniture offering includes flat files, chairs and stools, mail sorters, and more. We invite our customers to explore more of our Safco furniture offering.  It will not disappoint!

Any office, and most rooms and spaces in general require chairs. Luckily, Safco has you covered! Safco chairs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Safco also offers many active seats for those of us that wish to add movement throughout the work day. Office workers spend much of the day sitting down. Being sedentary comes with many health risks.  Active seating mitigates these risks. Safco also offers active products to go along with active seating such as stand ups desks. Desks, of course, are another important part of the Safco Office Furniture system.

                Safco desks are often seen in offices and schools. If you are looking for stylish yet functional industrial desks, don’t look further than Safco Products! Products in our office suites section on the website is mostly manufactured by Safco Products. An office suite provides a great fit to  outfit your office! Safco pays close attention to detail when designing their products. Color finishes are always vibrant and products are designed with comfort in mind.  The design makes customers feel at home!

                All offices need flat files for their file storage needs. We have just the perfect product for you! Safco  flat files are available today at A Plus Warehouse. Our ten drawer steel flat file stores 30” X 42” documents. It features case-hardened, ball-bearing rollers for quiet operation. Product also includes a rear hood and hinged front depressor.  This products comes in six different colors including light gray, sand, gray, red, light blue, and dark blue.

                Safco is  known for being a leader in energy and environmental design. These are very important factors in todays world. Safco products are Greenguard certified. Customers can order products while also feeling good about making a difference. Order Safco Furniture from A Plus Warehouse today. A Plus Warehouse and Safco are the furniture distributer and manufacturer you can trust! A Plus Warehouse has been at your service for over two decades. We are your right source, right now!

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