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Accordion Conveyor

Loading and Unloading trucks can be a difficult process. Why not make the job easier? With an A Plus Warehouse accordion conveyor, gravity helps you with the job. This conveyor opens to almost 9 feet and collapses easily just to under 3, saving you space. As with any conveyor, 3 axles need to be under your load at all times. With fully deployed the axle spacing in 5 ¼ inches so 15 inch deep box or larger can be easily transported. At a 200 pound capacity per foot you can see that almost any parcel can be handled by our standard duty conveyor. But we also provide extra heavy duty accordion conveyors at 300 pounds per foot. Order now. The height adjusts for each leg from 28 inches to 44. By setting heights properly, gravity can be used to your favor without producing a roller coaster effect. Since applications vary, we offer three different skate wheels: red for light duty, black for moist applications, steel for heavy duty and shock loading. A Plus Warehouse accordion conveyors not only save effort in loading and unloading, but can save worker injuries as well. Order now at 800-209-8798. Our sales people are standing by ready to help. Be sure to see all conveyors at


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