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300 Pound One Person Maintenance Lift

   The Ballylift is a one person lift with 300 pounds of capacity. It can be used for a wide range of applications requiring a free standing ladder, or applications where a rolling ladder is not practical. It's manually propelled and can be rolled through a standard doorway. Once the lift is in position, the operator needs to extend the outriggers and use the leveling jacks to secure the lift to the ground and level the unit.  With the lift secured, raise the handrail into position, and secure with lock pins on both sides. Make sure the snap ring is in locked position.

   The lift is now ready to be climbed. Please use the handrails as you climb onto the platform, and secure the safety gate. The lift is designed to allow the occupant to be lifted into position using a handpump. Both AC and DC power options are available. Fully raised, the platform is 15 feet high, providing working heights up to 21 feet. When work is complete, the manual lowering valve can be used to lower the lift.

   The lift can be used without ground assistance. In this case, the operator simply pumps the lift to the desired working height. Climb of the free standing ladder securing the safety gate. When work is complete, simply climb down the ladder and lower the lift. If you have questions relative to the lift operation, please contact customer service.


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