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   Introducing the power stocker vertical lift series, exclusively from Ballymore, the leader in vertical access innovation for over 60 years! My name is Bill Frame. I'm president and chief executive officer of the Ballymore company. Ballymore has been manufacturing rolling ladders and personnel lifts since 1943. Ballymore is best known in our industry as the industry innovator. Most of the rolling ladder products that are commonly used in the market today were invented at Ballymore. Today we are going to introduce our power stocker lift, another innovation by Ballymore.

   The rolling ladder is the ideal tool for stocking and retrieving merchandise from your higher level shelfs. When product is too heavy or too bulky to be handled safely with a rolling ladder, the better tool becomes the power stocker lift. One of the primary features of the power stocker lift is its ergonomic design. The lift has a merchandise area where inventory can be stacked, raised up to the appropriate shelf level, and than slid onto the shelf, avoiding the need for excessive lifting. Always remember when using the power stocker lift to allow the lift to do the lifting.

   The power stock lift is a manually propelled work platform. When pushing the power stock, make sure that you maintain clearance between you, shelving, and anyone else in the store or work environment. The clear polycarbonate glass provides good visibility when pushing the power stocker. The lifts power unit is contained in this convenient drawer. The drawer is key controlled, and all of the controls for the lift are on the surface. You open a drawer, you will find a simple power unit, one gallon hydraulic fluid reservoir pump, dual AGM batteries, and a smart charger. The lift is designed for easy maintenance. All the components are wired with quick disconnects for easy, quick repairs. The lift is key controlled and has high quality two hand controls. If the lift should ever stop in the raised position, do not cimb out of the lift. Call for help. The lift is equipped with a manual lowering valve. The manual lowering valve will allow someone on the ground to easily lower you to the ground. The lift is equipped with a smart charger. The charger is built into the lift. It comes with a 12 foot long charging cord. Simply plug the cord in to any 110 volt outlet. It's important to remember that while the lift is plugged in, the power will not work. The lift utilizes 2 AGM batteries. This type battery maintains a constant charge during use. When the battery is about to die, the voltage meter will signal low. When you see low, it's important that you lower the lift, and take the lift to be charged.

     One of the more innovative options for the power stocker lift is the safety sensing system. This system works like a spotter in a retail or manufacturing environment. This sensor uses ultrasonic technology to detect anyone moving into or around the lift. In the event that someone was to move too close to the lift, the sensor will alarm. It will prevent the lift from coming down. The lift is equipped with saloon-style safety gates, manufactured from inch and a quarter square tubing. They have heavy duty springs that allow you to step in and automatically close. The lift is equipped with two points to connect restrictive tethers. The lift is equipped with heavy duty floor locks. The floor locks are electrically integrated with the lift. The lift will not operate unless the floor locks are engaged. Once the floor locks are engaged, the lift can be raised. In the event that the floor lock is inadvertently released while the lift is going up, the lift will stop going up and an alarm will sound. At this point, you can lower the lift to re-engage the floor lock. Before descending on the power stocker, look around to make sure the area is clear. The floor is made of bar grading which will allow you to look under the lift. In the event of an emergency, the power to lift can be cut simply by kicking the emergency stop switch.

   These lifts come in 3 sizes:10 feet, 12 feet, and 15 feet. Discover more utility productivity and safety. Discover the power stocker, the new vertical lift innovation from Ballymore company. Power stocker improves the product stocking and retrieval process. With the power stock a single employee can safely access and manage multiple items in one lift, increasing productivity. Engineered with built in safety technology, the power stock is designed to provide increases safety in retail manufacturing and distribution environments. Power stockers ergonomics allow for a slide don't lift approach to product handling, reducing strain and making your job easier. Bring the upper reaches of inner space within reach safely and productively with a power stocker vertical lift from Ballymore.


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