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T Rex Cantilever Ladders

   Rolling ladders are used for vertical access in places where traditional step and extension ladders are not desirable, and where it is undesirable to climb on a shelf or piece of equipment. There are many applications where getting above a piece of equipment is necessary. Working above the piece of equipment ma also be necessary. For these applications, Ballymore's cantilever ladder line is ideal.


   Manufactured for industrial applications, the cantilever ladder is built with one by two rectangular tubing. The base has a counterweight built in to ensure stability. At the end of the platform is 2 by 5 locking casters for easy rolling on a shop environment. When selecting a cantilever ladder, specify the height of clearance you need for the deck and the length of the deck you need to get over the top of whatever you're working on. Decks come with 14 through 42 inch overhangs. Custom lengths and sizes can also be provided. The cantilever ladder is a great solution to one of the more difficult vertical access challenges we face in industrial applications. If you have an application that requires a custom solution call Ballymore.


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