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Tank Top Lift

    As the name indicates, the tank top lift was originally designed for access to tank truck and railroad cars. In addition to these applications, the lift can be used in a wide range of maintenance requirements. This one-person lift has 300 pounds of capacity. The standard lift is adjustable from nine feet four inches to thirteen feet eight inches. Custom sizes are available. The 24 by 48 inch deck provides 48 inches cantilevered for hard to reach applications. It's manually propelled and should be rolled with the deck in the down position. Once the lift is close to the point of use, the hydraulic hand pump can be used to raise the deck to the necessary height, and the lift can be positioned above the work object. Once the lift is in position, the operator needs to lock the casters and use the leveling jacks to secure the lift to the ground.

    The lift is now ready to be climbed! Please use the handrails as you climb onto the platform and secure the safety gate. A front gate is also provided for access to the working surface. AC and DC power options are available. A Ballymore exclusive, the tank top lifts can be modified to fit your specific requirements. If you have questions relative to the lift operation, please contact customer service.


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