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Cantilever Racks

Are you heavy trouble storing heavy and wide loads in your warehouse? Use deluxe A Plus Warehouse cantilever racks for all your unit load requirements. Unlike traditional pallet racks, our cantilever racks have full width access for easy loading and unloading. Not all cantilever racks stand against a wall. Some applications require an isle arrangement. A Plus Warehouse provides double sided rack uprights to accommodate isle arrangement as well as traditional single sided uprights. Not all applications are the same. A Plus Warehouse knows that pipe stock requires inclined arms and lumber stock requires straight arms. Our sales people are ready to help in your selection. Ordering is painless as A Plus Warehouse also sells cantilever racks preconfigured with arms, uprights, and spreaders. Pre-engineered systems are great for a majority of rack jobs. A Plus Warehouse sells exclusively new product. Be assured that when you order racks from A Plus Warehouse your order will be made to our exacting specifications and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Order now! Call 800-209-8798 or visit us at Our highly trained sales staff is ready to help with all your cantilever rack needs.


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