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ENPAC Spill Containment

    Hi, this is Alec with ENPAC. Today we're gonna talk about some of our smaller flexible containment items which are great for drip and leak protection. We've got a variety here to show you. Let's start with the filter spill pad. This is a low profile, foam sidewall containment unit that features universal absorbent socks right in the sidewall. If you're working on a generator or something like that inside the sump and you have a spill, the sidewalls will actually absorb the liquid for you. There's minimal cleanup process involved.

    Next product is a folding duck pond. This is our smallest version. You can see it folds up nice and small. It's lightweight. It can fit in a truck and it's immediate spill response and containment. It pops right open, great for keeping in a truck when you're doing transfer of liquids for valves and things like that, keep the liquid contained in one area.

    Next we have a drip pillow berm. This features a universal absorbent pad. It is encased in a UV resistant mesh that protects it when it's outside so the pad doesn't degrade. It also is backed with this PVC so that it can contain any extra spills. And, if you can see this wet mark  here, it actually features a sandbag as well for weighing it down outdoors so it won't blow away. It's great for putting under vehicles, and it has a retrieval strap so that when you throw it under a vehicle, it's easy to get to.

Lastly, up in the ceiling there, we have a leak diverter. Now you can see this has a hose connected to it. What it's meant for is to funnel leaks on your roof away from your work area so you don't have a slip-and-fall hazard.

    Thanks for watching this video on our small, flexible containment options. For our larger secondary containment berms, please check out our other videos. This is another way that EMPAC is protecting the environment and your bottom line!


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