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Husky Wire Partition System Video

For years, security wire partition required nuts and bolts for assembly. While these partitions provided descent security, they were akward to install and could be easily defeated with common hand tools. Today, there is a simple to install,  highly secure, easily redeploytable alternative to bolted wire partition systems. It's call easy wire, and installation is as easy as 123.

Step 1: secure the post to the floor. Step 2: Insert panel hooks into post. Step 3: Insert and hammer drive pink. With all connections on the interior, easy wire is more secure and cannot be defeated by common hand tools. Panels are constructed from 10 gauge woven wire, plus over channels on wire panels provide a cleaner appearance and greater security through an interlocking design. Easy wire is available in both standard and custom sizes with additional door lock and alarm options. Now instillation of security wire partitions is as easy as 123.


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