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Aerosolv Aerosol Can Recycling System

    There is a smart way of reducing the cost of processing aerosol cans, while at the same time helping the environment- and that's aerosolv. Typically the aerosol system is designed to recycle solvents, cleaners, lubricants, and virtually any product packaging in the form of an aerosol can. An aerosol can cannot be relieved of pressure through a normal use. The can must be punctured and drained to be considered recyclable. We regulate aerosol cans as hazardous waste that cause to retain its pressure. The aersolv system is lightweight, portable, requires no power to operate, and can be located anywhere throughout your facility.

    There are three separate components to the Aerosolv system: the puncturing unit, the anti-static ground wire, and the combination filter. The puncturing units threads easily to the 2 inch bunk of any 30 to 55 gallon drum. When inserted properly, the shoulder of the aerosol can seals against the fluid tight surface. A simple press of the handle moves the puncture pin through a fluid tight chamber and pierces the can. Leaving a smooth edged hole, the can is safe to handle when it is removed from the unit for recycling. The anti static ground wire prevents static build-up by grounding the drum, providing additional operator safety as required by OSHA for liquid storage vessels. The combination filter threads directly to the 3/4" inch bunk, also found on any standard drum. Effective in filtering and collecting volatile organic compounds or VOCs.

    The combination filter is comprised of two parts. The lower section is a coalescing cartridge that collects microscopic liquids from the cans propelant which can than be drained back into the drum. The now dry propellant moves through the activated carbon cartridge in the upper section of the filter, where VOCs and odor are absorbed. 

    By recycling the Aerosolv can, you save over 5,400 BTUs of energy. All branches of the military, chemical plants, golf courses, univerisites, airlines, automotive manufacturers, and virtually anyone using Aerosol cans needs the Aerosolv system.


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