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Emegency Cubicle Shower

     The challenge many customers face when putting new safety showers into existing facilities is what to do with the run off of all the water. This cubicle shower unit is typically used indoors where you're trying to collect water to prevent overflow of shower water into your normal processes and facilities. Here you have fiberglass walls that help contain the water. At the top of the unit is a cutout that allows light from above into the shower cubicle. So with this unit we have a safety shower and eye wash inside of the cubicle, fiberglass panels on the side, strip screens across the front help allow all the water to be channeled into the drain sump. At the bottom here we have a collection where the water is collected. This particular model has the optional pump within it. When the water begins to rise, that triggers the float switch in the pump, and than the water will be pumped away. 

    Now we've entered the shower. We've pushed back these strip screens for purposes of the video. Operating the shower is easy by this hand motion here that operate the valve. Water would begin to flow through the shower head. It's a stainless steel valve,316 stainless steel valve, and it's purpose built for the robust manner suitable for use in safety showers to give you extended life. Operation of the eye wash is simple. You pull forward the cover of the eye wash and that triggers flow from the eye wash valve into the eye wash nozzles. Again this is a cover bowl eye wash, so it retains everything clean and hygienic within the bowl. One of the niceties of the cover bowl is it eliminates dust covers which are usually trouble spots for customers because they're rarely replaced and often you need to replace them.


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