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Loading Dock Safety Gate

US Netting, custome netting and industrial products! After multiple tests on the defender gate 20 and defender gate 10, we've determined a safe rating of 13,500 pounds at 6.5 miles per hour. In the initial test of our defender gate 10 , we took a ten thousand pounds to start forklift governed at 4 miles per hour, and made several impacts. As you can see, the DC-10 successfully stops a forklift, while still standing intact with minimal damage. Tracking software calculates the kinetic enegy of the collisions as well as the speed of the forklift. After several repeated tests on new and damaged barriers, we increased our speeds and weight to 13,500 pounds by 7.1 miles per hour. The defender gate 10 and 20 both absorb this crash. Although the gate is no longer usable, the forklift is stopped and would not have traveled any further.

US netting has been hard at work testing the strength of our defender gate safety barrier systems. We than went on to do an initial hit at the same weight and speed. On collision two, the defender gates can also absorb the hit successfully. Both gates were put through their paces with real-world forklift collisions to measure the effectiveness of the gates ability to absorb crashes by common forklifts. Weight and speed adjustments are used to determine the peak performance points of the gates. Defender gate safety barrier systems by US Netting! 

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