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Magliner Lift Plus

  Magline knows you needto be efficient in your manufacturing environment. Lift plus is our answer to that need. When square-footage is an issue, lift plus can outmaneuver a fork truck in even the tightest situation. There is no need to stop, unbuckle, get out, remove the obstruction and then get back in again. If you're look at the cost of a fork truck versus the low cost of a lift plus, well let's just say the lift plus is great for your bottom line. It's not just the initial investment, but you'll have fewer assets and expenses related to equipment maintenance and fuel. If you think about it, a fork truck might be a bit of an overkill for some of the duties required to get your job done, like lifting and transporting dyes and parts.

    And with it's many quick-release attachments, you will find it useful in many other applications in your manufacturing and warehouse area. There are two speeds available. All standard speed models lift at 1.8 inches per second, and are rated for a weight capacity of 350 pounds. And all high speed models lifted 3.9 inches per second and are rated for 120 pounds. The entire system is powered by a rechargeable battery that provides approximately 125 to 150 lift cycles with an average 125 pound payload.

  We all need to keep downtime to a minimum, so let's remove the need to get to a phone and call for a fork truck. With the lift plus, there is no license required. There is no certification necessary, When the job calls for a new dye , just lift it off the shelf and get on with production. So whether you are stacking, transporting, or positioning a heavy load, get the lift plus versatile all-in-one system to increase productivity and reduce job-related injuries with the value, quality, and innovation of Magliner.


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