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    Introducing the new motorized u-boat from Magline, giving you the power you need when pushing a heavy load over long distances, up inclines, or over those tough-to-navigate thresholds. The motorized u-boat increases efficiency and reduces the time and energy to transport a load. The motorized U-boat will move loads up to 1,000 pounds over flat surfaces up to 3 mph. Don't let inclines stop you. The u-boat propulsion system powers up these inclines, needing only minimal assistance from the user when the incline is long or steeper than 8 degrees. The motorized U-boat increases maneuverability, and in areas where propulsion is not allowed, the transaxle can be switched to free-wheel mode in a matter of seconds.

    The fully enclosed 24V drive system is lubricated for life and requires no maintenance. The electric propulsion system is whisper quiet, exhaust-free, and does not contain any fuel or other fluids that could leak onto floors. We've designed the unit to maintain a high level of load accessibility. One handle is removable so you can access the load from various angles. We offer multiple containment options to suit your needs, including a containment curtain or mag-loc anchors with e-track straps. The unit is available with extra handle sockets on one end to provide containment for loads that don't reach the edge of the 60-inch long deck.

    Packed with safety features, the motorized U-boat reduces user strain and the likelihood of injury. It includes a throttle interlock button to minimize accidental activation of the propulsion system. The DC motor uses regenerative braking to slow the load in forward and reverse, even on hills or ramps. Plus, the unit will stop and automatically engage the park brake when the throttle is released. Our push-too-fast safety feature prevents runaway situations even when the park brake has been manually released.

    No certification is required to use the motorized U-boat. The easy-to-operate system can be used by operators with varying levels of powered equipment experience. So, when you need a safe and powerful way to deliver loads up to 1,000 pounds, stress free, the motorized u-boat from Magline will get the job done with the value, quality, and innovation of Magliner.


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