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Power Lifter

 Introducing the all new Cool-Lift Pallet Mover! When your Cool-Lift is busy at the truck, Magline has a new innovative idea that will keep things moving around the store. This unit is designed for indoor use and can be used for merchandising your product in the store, organizing the cooler, warehouse management, and so much more! And when you need to push your product into place, well, it couldn't be easier! The handle has been designed to release, so pulling you load when it's at a 45 degree angle will make steering a breeze. We protect you with a caster brake system that will secure your load from moving. A highly maneuverable wheel and caster configuration will let you navigate aisles and coolers with ease. In fact, you can turn the unit within its own footprint! The offset front casters assist loads over uneven surface and inclines. And because of the maintenance-free non-marking mold on rubber wheels, it can do all this without damaging the floors. We've engineered in compatibility. This unit works with all existing Cool-Lift pallet lengths, and can move loads up to 750 pounds. We use a handle actuated latch that releases the deck quickly and safely. Its unique handle system allows the user to raise the deck with easy, reducing strain. We use a cam locking linkage system to hold the pallet securely in the raised position and a spring-loaded lock securely holds the deck in the up or down position. So, when you want to decrease your account service time and reduce your product touches when merchandising, just add a Cool-Lift pallet mover to your toolset, It'll keep things moving with the value, quality, and innovation of Magliner.


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