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Mini Power Lifting Handtruck

Hi, I'm Rory Kennard, and I'm CEO of Makinex. The Powered Hand Truck is an award winning lift and load solution, allowing one person to lift up to 140 kg, or 308 pounds. Your safety is paramount to us at Makinex, and this video contains some clear and simple guidelines on how to use the powered hand truck safely, responsibly, and effectively.

Before you start, please ensure that there are no obstacles in the way. You can only used the powered hand truck on a hard flat surface, as it has been rated for use on slopes no greater than 3 degrees. The powered hand truck allows just one person to pick up to 140 kg or 308 pounds. Ensure you never try to pick up more than 140 kg or 308 pounds with the hook attachment and 120 kg or 265 pounds with the forklift attachment.

Always plan your pick up to ensure you're going to be safe. Key safety items to remember: Please make sure you keep your hand on the handles when carrying any load. At all times, follow the correct hand position guidelines. Whilst a load is attached, ensure your hands are below chest level. A good way to check this is to have your wrist to elbow at 90 degrees. Whilst the powered hand truck is under load, do not push on the back wheels. These are not load bearing, and are for storage use only. Always keep your load at a low height when traversing across the ground. After taking the product carefully out of the box and checking all components are in place, you are ready to lift easily and safely.

Lift your hands so that the machine is resting on the front wheel. You can then easily push the powered hand truck forwards. Remember, do not push the powered hand truck using the small back wheels at any time. Remember, don't have your hands up too high, always keep them lower than your chest. Place the hook through the lift eye, apply the brake as necessary, and find the balance point giving you control. You can now take the weight of the load, and release the brake. Whilst moving towards your dropping off point, always make sure you keep the load close to the ground. Remember, don't use the powered hand truck as a trolley by pushing the machine with the back wheels. This can result in serious damage. Once you're at the drop off point, raise the jib to the required height using the switch on the right hand side. The jib height is limited to a maximum of 1.9 meters or 6 feet. The powered hand truck can easily pick up items and load onto various vehicles for simple transportation of heavy goods.

Use the brake to ensure the powered hand truck doesn't roll away. Using the brake gives you greater control from the handles. The brake system is very simple, just pull the handle backwards and it is locked tight. To unlock, simply push the brake lever and push the top trigger. This means your hands are free to use the machine and pick up the load.

When the powered hand truck needs recharging, simply remove the battery pack. Check the indicator on the 18-volt battery, which will show the level or charge still available. Place the battery into the dock station which is plugged into the wall. A 1-hour charge with a 4-amp battery is recommended.

The powered hand truck is very easy to store and transport. Simply fold the powered hand truck in half, apply the brake, and fold in the wheels so it becomes flat. To transport, simply lean the powered hand truck onto the back of your ute, lift the back wheels using the lifting handles, and slide it onto your vehicle. You can also lean it against a wall. The powered hand truck takes up no space and is simple to store.

The powered hand truck comes standard with the hook, but has a number of attachments available, that allows you to easily pick up anything you need. The hook comes as standard and is ideal for picking up anything with a lifting eye. The forklift attachment is extremely versatile and is ideal for lifting skid pallets. No license is required, and tighter access areas are easy to work in. The strap frame attaches to the forklift, and is ideal for bins, bas bottles, and unusual shaped items. The vacuum attachments allows you to lift glass, doors, and flat panels easily, as an alternative we also have the panel lifter. The sling attachment is ideal for items with or without a lifting eye. Watch our attachments video to learn how to use these various powered hand truck attachments safely and easily.


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