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Office Cabinet

If you are storing office supplies such as bathroom tissue, copy paper, or pens and pencils, it may well be that our KingCab cabinet with 1900 pound capacity is just overkill.

You might do fine with our made in the USA QualCab cabinet instead.  QualCab is great for many office and some industrial applications as well. All you do is take them out of the box and start using them.

QualCab cabinets are available in medium and heavy duty. Just let us know if you need 200 pounds or 400 pounds per shelf.

Many customers are satisfied with the economy medium duty version. We'll ship it today!

Three point locking handles are easier to use than padlocks found on many other office cabinets.

Our most popular cabinet arrangement is with five full width storage shelves.

If you want the security of an A Plus Warehouse QualCab cabinet but also want to know what is inside the cabinet, consider our QualCab see-through office cabinet. These see-through cabinets available for delivery.

QualCabs are in-stock and ready to be shipped so order now. 1-800-209-8798, or request a quote online at Our trained sales people are ready to help you with your requirements.

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