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Plastic Bins


Every company requires plastic bins and stacking or shelf bins. A Plus Warehouse is a national leader in plastic bins, selling brands such as Akro Mils, Quantum, LewisBins, Schaefer and others.

A Plus Warehouse also provides ESD and anti-static bins in a variety of styles.

Our most popular plastic bin is the plastic stacking bin. We offer a wide range of sizes and colors. Notice how easily our self bins nest together.

A Plus Warehouse also sells pre-configured shelving units with bins, saving you the effort of figuring out optimal arrangements.

Do you prefer Akro bins? Great! We have the ever popular 30-2XO series bins in stock and ready to ship today. Available in several colors.

The same with Quantum bins. The QUS-2XO is always ready to ship. You need to order your plastic storage bins right now!

Vist or call 800-209-8798 for personalized help.


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