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Standard Scissor Lifts

XL Series scissor lift tables from Presto Lifts. XL series scissor liftsare industrial grade hydraulic lift tables for use in a wide variety of manufacturing and warehousing applications.


With 17 standard models, and a wide variety of standard options, there is a Presto Lift for every need. Units are available in 2, 4,6, and 8 thousand pound capacities with lifting heights up to 70". Standard platforms ranges from 24" X 36" up tp 48" X 120".


Low pressure, oversized, hydraulic cylinders ensure long service life, while chrome plated piston rods resist rust and corrosion. Hydraulic hoses are designed to withstand 4 times the systems operating pressure without bursting. A transparent return line from the rod baring to the hydraulic reservoir indicates when cylinders need to repacked , and prevents spillage even in the event of a bypass. The arrangement of the motor, hydraulic reservoir, and electrical controls, combined with Presto's unique leg geometry allows for a low collapsed height. Presto XL series lifts include a safety maintenance jar that stores conveniently in the base frame. Use it to prevent the lift from lowering during routine maintenance. Lifting and lowering is controlled by either a hand pendant or a footswitch. XL series lifts are ideal for a wide variety of uses including loading and unloading pallets, feeding flat stock to punches breaks and presses, feeding parts and blanks at drills and machining centers, inspection, repair, and assembly, and handling large sheets in woodworking and graphic arts plus many other uses.

Presto Lifts can be modified with a variety of standard options to better suit specific application requirements. Platforms can be configured with conveyor tops, beveled edges, or even turntables. While tilt tops allow work to be positioned at the most comfortable height and angle, extended travel is available with either a single or double scissor mechanism. Extra-long or extra-wide platforms and vases are also available. Portability options include four casters, or a semi-live with skid spotter configuration, and bellows guards prevent dust and debris from collecting under the lift. To find out more about how an XL lift from Presto can improve productivity and worker safety in your application, visit our website or give us a call.


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