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Executive Mobile Lectern

Hi, we're back for another me moment. Today we'd like to talk to you about Safco's  executive mobile lectern! Give your best presentation performance with this executive mobile lectern. This lectern features a large reading surface with a pencil tray and a cushion wrist support that also acts as a paper stop. And to get your presentation off on the right had or the left hand, the side shelf pulls out for media or for notes. Underneath the presentation surface, two curved shelves are ready to do their part and hold equipment while allowing the presenter to still stand close to the lectern. The lower shelf is fixed while the upper shelf can be adjusted to fit your needs. Plus it's mobile! So even if your presentation space changes, your presentation won't need to. Thank you for joining us for this me moment. Please join us again to find out how Safco can help you work hard and play harder.


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