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Multimedia Video Cabinet

Hi, it's time for another me moment. Today, we'd like to talk to you about the audio video microform cabinet. Mad for media but have no storage? That will never be a worry with this multimedia cabinet and shelving unit. With the cabinet option, there are no cabinet or drawer configurations to figure out, so you can mix your media anyway you want. When the cabinet reaches capacity, simply stack another cabinet on top of this one for more storage. The heavy duty gauge welded steel construction with wrap around corners and sturdy inner frame delivers smooth and quiet operation, while also providing electromagnetic radiation protection. The cabinet includes a key lock to make sure your media stays safe and secure as well as chrome handles and label holders.

On the cabinet unit, the 12 six inch deep shelves adjust up and down in 1 inch increments, and the adjustable shelving option allows you to store all different kinds of media, and includes book end dividers to keep your media in place. 

The cabinet and adjustable shelving work great in media centers, classrooms, libraries, digital storage areas, or anyplace additional where media storage is needed. This has been another me moment. Please join us again to find out how Safco can help you work hard and play harder!


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