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Steel Shelving

If you want storage space, A Plus Warehouse has it. We sell a variety of items to secure and store your items from lockers to shelving.  Shelving is needed in many warehouses around the world and for a variety of reasons. A Plus Warehouse is aware of this fact. This is why we offer shelving of all sorts to tailor to a customers needs.  The video above focuses specifically on steel shelving. The text seen below is the transcript to this video.

Traditionally steel shelving is used everywhere and A Plus Warehouse sells steel shelving nationwide. Steel shelving can be ordered in extra heavy duty or commercial capacities. We sell steel shelving by Parent Metal, Penco, Edsal, Lyon, Triboro and others.  We provide traditional designs steel shelving from 14 to 22 Gauge and also provide the new box welded shelving. Box welded shelves yield a higher capacity than a shelf with just one bend.  To minimize space we can provide vivit post which allow full shelf access. Shelf depth is from 12 to 24 inches and its width is from 36 to 48 inches. As you can see traditional steel shelving is great for 12 cube boxes and other hand loaded items. A Plus Warehouse provides shelving to government entities, big companies, small business, and local governments as well. Every company needs shelving and A Plus Warehouse has been your source for over 10 years.  To order shelving and other warehouse equipment call us at 800-209-8798 or visit Our trained sales people are here to help you now.

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