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Super Strong Stronghold

    Hey guys, Zach from Stronghold here. There are questions that keep us up at night. Questions like, does my life have any meaning, why should I go on living in a universe that seems to care little and nothing about me? There's a different question that keeps me up, a much, much deeper question. And that question is what could possibly be stronger than a Stronghold cabinet. My guess: nothing, but today we are going to do a few tests to find out. So in order to answer this profound question we'll be performing a series of tests, first by dropping an industrial grade cabinet onto our Stronghold, and than by doing the reverse. We'll see who's the strongest after all.

    Well, that was marvelous. It seems our heavy duty cabinet has turned out like most of our hopes and dreams: utterly disintegrated. Now, let's try the opposite. We will get another industrial grade cabinet, put it down, and than drop the Stronghold on top of it and see how it turns out. Just like me when I'm alone with my thoughts, crushed. Your standard industrial-grade cabinet just doesn't hold up. So let's see what the Stronghold looks like. Hey man, check the doors. Hundred percent functional, like nothing even happened.


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