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Fork Truck Booms and Lifting Hooks

Fabricated from structural steel with welding to meet AWS standards, these durable booms will provide years of service. Four styles of boom are available, and each is available in either a telescoping or non-telescoping design. Telescoping units extend to 144 inches and but the LMT orbiting boom feature an infinitely adjusting locking screw.  The LMOBT utilizes a spring-loaded locking detent which allows for 13 overall hook points when fully telescoped. Most styles are available in four, six, or eight thousand pound capacity versions. The LM-EBT economy boom is Vestil's simplest and most popular design. Overall height of this boom is a compact 13 inches. The LM-OBT orbit boom features a convenient counterbalance system and drop lock pin that allows for quick and easy one-man operation and adjustment of the boom. This boom offers the added advantage of additional height when necessary. The six vertical adjustment positions add between two and a half and eight and a half feet of working height. The LM-1T boom offers the same convenience and safety features as the other booms in the Vestil line. The lift master one is unique for its built-in rise which offers 24 inches of extra lift height. To round out the line, Vestil's high rise boom, the LM-HRT, features an overall height of 80 inches for those hard to reach applications.

In addition to the standard booms, Vestil offers a variety of products for multiple lifting applications. Our zinc-plated hoisting hooks are available in a single or double fork attachment. Convert your fork truck to a rigid or swivel hook in a matter of seconds. Hook plates are also available with a rigid or swivel hook to safely lift loads using chains, cables, or slings.


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