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LP Tank Lifter and Truck Combination

   Introducing Vestil's LP-6, LP Tank Truck, finally an easy answer to lifting, storing, and transporting problems associated with LP tanks! The built-in crane can be used to safely load full tanks into fork trucks. The crane pivots 360 degrees for maximum versatility. The tank attachment at the end of the boom utilizes steel hooks to securely clamp each under the cylinder. Built-in racks allow for convenient storage. The lighter empty gas cylinders can be easily removed from the fork truck by hand and stored in the two vertical racks. The full cylinders can be stored in the four horizontal racks, ready for pickup by the built-in crane. Simply pull the pin and the top racks pivot out easily to allow access to the bottom two tanks. Units feature two rigid and two swivel casters for easy portability, and a floor lock is included to keep the unit immobile while in use. The ergonomic push handle is bolted in and is easily removable. The crane boom is raised and lowered with a manual hand pump hydraulic lift. This allows one operator to efficiently raise the tanks from the unit or from the fork truck, and then lower them with a convenient lowering valve.

  Units feature heavy duty, welded steel construction with a painted finish. The LP-6 is an all in one cart that allows users to transport LP tanks to the location that they're needed and then switch out tanks in a safe and efficient manner. With a sturdy, user friendly design, this unit is the ergonomic solution you've been looking for.


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