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Medium Duty Electric Pallet Truck

The pedestrian electric pallet trucks compact smart and lightweight design is suitable for a variety of low duty applications in warehouses, or delivery applications. The low service weight is ideal for truck tail lift use and is designed for any type of delivery. As a low noise, high quality, Italian drive motor with a capacity of over 2,500 pounds, this pallet truck can handle heavy duty work. A robust design and all parts are easily accessible and easy to maintain. The non-marking rubber drive wheel gives better traction. The ergonomic handle features a rubber grip handle thumb switches, allowing the operator to lift the product up and down, and moving the unit forward and backwards. Manual function include a three position lever for easy operation and maneuvering. Horn and belly switch are also included and a key to lock and unlock the truck for use. It is equipped with two powerful 45 AH maintenance free AGM batteries. Battery pack is interchangeable for continuous usage. Optional battery packs are available with fast and easy battery exchange. There are storage bins included on both sides of the truck. The pedestrian electric pallet truck is smart, compact, and lightweight.


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