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Portable Hand Winch Lifter

   For convenient lifting, lowering, and transporting loads check out our portable hand winch lifter. Lightweight and economical, this easily maneuverable unit is ideal for order picking, inventory, and material handling applications throughout your factory or warehouse. The hand winch lifter can handle loads weighing up to 330 pounds. Standard service range is three inches to forty three and a half inches. The handle lengths on the hand crank may be adjusted to increase or decrease lifting and lower speeds depending on operator preference and the size of the load. Fore increased versatility the 20 inch by 20 inch platform can be easily removed to reveal adjustable forks underneath. Utilize forks to transport small pallets or skids and to raise loads to a convenient packaging height. When a powered option isn't feasible take a look at this ergonomic hand winch lifter to handle material in your workplace.


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