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Portable Pallet Inverter

Rotate and transfer pallets with Vestil Manufacturing's portable pallet inverter. This convenient easy-to-use product is a must have in your shop, loading dock, or warehouse. When using the PPI 90, simply position the units lower forks underneath the bottom pallet, lower the top forks to secure the pallets and their contents, and tilt the load up to 90 degrees. At this point operators can manually rotate the load 180 degrees where it will stop and latch into place automatically. This will bring the top pallet into the lower position effectively inverting your loads. Tilt the load down and it's ready for transport or to be lowered to the ground. Because the PPI 90 utilizes outriggers, only open bottom pallets and skids are compatible with the design. The DC power lift and drive makes operation safe and efficient, and the unit's built-in battery charger provides maximum convenience. Standard features on the PPI 900 include a key operated on/off switch, forward and reverse butterfly controls, and easy-to-use hand controls for the lift and tilt function. The PPI 90 portable pallet inverter features chrome-plated cylinders, steel outriggers, and an emergency stop belly switch for added safety. The unit's low-profile design allows the operator to stand on the rider platform and steer the load from workstation to workstation quickly and easily. Convenient and efficient, Vestil's portable pallet inverter is ideal for use in loading dock areas and warehouses as a power pallet truck, pallet tilter, or turntable. Let this sturdy innovative unit go to work for you.


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