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Stacker with Powered Drive and Powered Lift

    Transport loads throughout warehouse facilities quickly and with less effort utilizing our powered lift and drive stackers. Several styles are available. The one shown here is our fixed fork unit, meaning that neither the fork nor the support leg width can adjusted. Fixed fork units with adjustable support legs are available as well as adjustable fork, adjustable leg designs. Standard features include a built in battery charger indicator light. Butterfly throttle controls allow operators to move the unit forward and backward, and a swivel control head provides maximum steering and maneuverability. Push buttons are used to raise and lower the forks. Safety features include an emergency stop belly switch and paint horn. In order to charge the unit, simply look under the cover for the cord to plug into any 110 volt outlet.  Look to our power drive powered lift stack for an economical alternative to costly fork trucks. These DC powered units boast a 62 inch raised height with a 2,000 pound capacity. For conveniently lifting, stacking, and transporting material throughout your warehouse, utilize our innovative stackers.


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