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Yard Ramps


Don't let your business lose business for lack of a loading dock. Vestil manufacturing's sturdy steel and aluminum yard ramps allow for the efficient movement of goods to and from trailers and rail cars without the need of a dock. These portable units are also ideal for construction sites for loading and unloading building materials. Vestil offers its yard ramps in all steel construction, all aluminum construction, or an aluminum with steel grating. Depending on your application, you may need just a standard 30-foot ramp or 36-foot ramp. Each features a 30 foot straight ramp with a 6 foot level off. Various widths and capacities are also available to choose from. Aluminum units, featuring manual to speed hand pump for easy one person height adjustment, while steel units come standard with a 2-speed hand crank. Service range is 45 inches to 62 inches, and the overlap lip measures 15 inches. Various tire options and the DC powered hydraulic lifts are also available. Safety is our number one concern, and all yard ramps must be securely attached to the truck with both safety locking chains before use. Additional safety features include a four inch high safety curve, and positive traction open steel or aluminum grade. No matter what your need or application, best looking design and built-in yard ramp is just right for you! Let us fit your ramp with pneumatic tires, welded handrails, or an edge of dock leveler for additional service range. Portability is key for these units. In addition to the tow bar loop, Vestil also offers a tow bar hitch or forklift pickup slots for ease of movement from one side to another. With quality, safety, and durability built into every facet of its design, Vestil's line of yard ramps leads the industry in function and efficiency. Time-saving, production boosting units go to work for you.

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