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Wire Roll File


Hi, we're back with another me moment. Today we'd like to talk to you about Safco's wire roll files. Projects on the move? Get them wired! Easily arrange and access your files in one location with wire roll files. Constructed with heavy gauge steel rod with white plastic coding, your roll file is especially sturdy. Perfect for keeping your documents safe during moving! Additionally, the desk guard on the bottom of the file helps keep materials clean while protecting the edges. With its 2 inch all surface casters, the roll file is great for gliding new projects anywhere you need with ease. The roll file also gives you the ability to keep projects organized, and multiple projects in one place. All you have to do is simply roll it from the office to conference or meeting rooms. Ready, set, roll! This has been a me moment. Please join us again to find out how Safco can help you work hard and play harder.

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