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Bulk Containers

Welcome to the page! Before getting started a customer may ask the definition of a bulk container. The answer to this question is rather simple. It is a shipping container that is designed to carry free flowing dry cargoes. The items are loaded through the roof of the container and discharged at one end of the container. Many customers need such a container and that is the reason why A Plus Warehouse is proud to offer it. At A Plus Warehouse, we have a variety of containers and bins. We have everything from Quantum Stacking bins to bin cabinets. Our Bulk Containers section contains very popular products such as the Collapsible Bulk Containers. This item comes in three different sizes. These sizes are medium, standard and heavy duty. Customers love the variety they get with this item that they just can't get with other items. The product is manufactured by Akro Mils, the manufacturer of most of our plastic bins and bulk containers. 

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